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20 Aug 2019 | Admin

In our latest white paper, we spoke with the managing director of Alvant, John Bonas, to discuss how his business offers solutions to the growing challenges manufacturers are facing. With pressure from both government policy and customer demand to improve the sustainability of their products, while also meeting stringent cost and performance requirements, manufacturers can benefit from using Alvant’s aluminium metal matrix composites (AMCs).

Alvant is investing in the development of AMCs as a direct replacement for steel or more expensive materials to save time, money and the environment in industries including transport, aerospace, automotive, consumer products, energy and healthcare. Within these sectors, the company focuses on product groups falling into three main categories: reliability and safety; motion and logistics; and performance and precision.

After a number of successful tests, and having recently won a series of new contracts in aerospace, defence and automotive, with more to be announced soon, it proves that the timing of Alvant’s AMC product and the market readiness have aligned. As a result, Alvant is now working with Turquoise as it takes the next steps on its journey towards securing future growth through partnerships and/or investment from strategic players.

Download our white paper here to find out more about Alvant:



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