Syrinix – A new way of looking at water

20 Dec 2017 | Kevin Murphy

In this whitepaper, we interview Syrinix’s CEO, James Dunning. He outlines why access to water has turned into one of the hottest political issues on the planet. James also explores how enlightened utility companies are exploring new ways to improve the efficiency of water flows, using affordable technology that fundamentally changes the way water is managed in urban areas.

Syrinix, which specialises in pipe monitoring technology, monitors water mains with the aim of reducing leaks and bursts. Used for trunk mains, pipelines and pressurised wastewater pipelines, precision leak detection is fed into an electronic platform through which users can view data, configure alerts and download reports.

Factors such as climate change, asset degradation and changes to global regulations are driving the adoption of Syrinix’s technology. The current customer base includes more than 50 organisations spread across the UK, Europe, North America and the Far East.

Kevin Murphy



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