LCIF2 would like to hear from potential co-investors interested in clean technology venture companies. LCIF2 is open to collaborating with other investors, either on individual investment opportunities or more broadly.

If you would like to discuss co-investments with LCIF2, please email

LCIF is proud to have co-invested with many individuals, corporations and institutional funds over the years, including:

⦁ Aptar (US)
⦁ Calculus (UK)
⦁ Cambridge Angels (UK)
⦁ Cambridge Capital Group (UK)
⦁ Conduit Ventures (UK)
⦁ Consensus Business Group (UK)
⦁ Enertech (Kuwait)
⦁ Engie (France)
⦁ Entrepreneurs Fund (UK)
⦁ Future Fund (UK)
⦁ Green Angel Syndicate (UK)
⦁ GWD Enterprises (Canada)
⦁ Hatch Accelerator Fund (US)
⦁ Ingenious (UK)
⦁ IQ Capital (UK)

⦁ Macquarie (Australia)
⦁ Mariana (UK)
⦁ Nordson Dage (US)
⦁ Notion Capital (UK)
⦁ Pathfinder H (Korea)
⦁ Reformer Group (UK)
⦁ Samsung (Korea)
⦁ Schneider Electric Ventures (US)
⦁ SFC Capital (UK)
⦁ Sistema VC (Russia)
⦁ Sumitomo (Japan)
⦁ West Coast Capital (UK)
⦁ Wonik (Korea)
⦁ YFM (UK)