Whitepaper: Chapter 3 – Natural Resources Ltd

Plastic-free potential

Natural Resources Ltd (NRL) is set to develop new technology that can allow pulp paper to provide an alternative to plastic in the manufacture of bottles and other packaging. The twenty-fold increase in the production of plastics over the past 50 years, and the evidence that there could be as much as 155 million tonnes of plastic entering the oceans by 2025, is driving the need for Natural Resources Ltd innovation.

In this whitepaper, we interview James Gardiner Managing Director of NRL, who discusses how plastic has become an important part of our everyday lives. He outlines that from coffee cups to food packaging, we now have too much plastic to ignore. Containing analysis, innovative technological advances and key areas for governmental change, this chapter is an important read for anyone in the plastics, FMCG and packaging sectors.

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